Advanced Eye Care Services

At Eye Care Center of Colorado Springs we believe in staying ahead of the curve with the newest technological advances in optometric diagnostic equipment.

Essilor VisiofficeThe Essilor Visioffice is the newest and most precise instrument for proper fitting of prescription eyewear. These highly individualized measurements allow superior optical performance of your new glasses! Visioffice is used for every patient in our office whether you need single vision, anti-fatigue, or progressive lenses.

OptomapOptomap Digital Retinal Imaging provides an ultra-widefield view of the retina, optic nerve, and internal tissues of the eye. It is a very quick and painless process which is encouraged for patients of all ages. This essential part of your eye exam provides a permanent baseline image of the retina for future comparison. Images are repeated yearly and compared for detection of potentially sight-threatening eye disease which may initially develop without symptoms. You will be given the opportunity to look on as your optometrist reviews the Optomaps with you from year to year.

Cirrus HD-OCTThe Cirrus HD-OCT is an instrument which uses painless light rays to provide a detailed cross-sectional view of the retina. This not only allows us to quantify the severity of damage and watch for progression caused by glaucoma, but allows us to pinpoint which layer of the retina is affected by a specific ocular health problem. This provides the most accurate diagnosis possible by differentiating eye diseases such as macular degeneration, retinal holes, or swelling of the retina.

Humphrey Field AnalyzerThe Humphrey Field Analyzer is the gold standard instrument for evaluating the field of vision. This is an important tool used in glaucoma management as well as detecting or ruling out neurological defects or even vascular disorders such as a stroke.

Orbscan IIThe Orbscan II is a painless diagnostic test which provides a detailed topography, or elevation map, of the cornea of the eye. The information obtained with this scan is useful for determining candidacy for LASIK, diagnosing corneal disease, or aiding in specialty contact lens fitting.