Are Contact Lenses Uncomfortable?

Perhaps your last trip to the optometrist revealed that you may need lenses to help improve your vision. Glasses are a perfect solution for many people, but they’re not necessarily suited to everyone’s lifestyle. To some, even the most stylish pair of designer glasses frames can feel uncomfortable or unattractive, and in those cases contact lenses are often the answer. You probably have friends and family who use contact lenses on a daily basis and get along with them fine. However, you may have questions about contact lenses, and one of those questions may be whether or not they’re uncomfortable. This guide will help elaborate on when and why contacts may feel uncomfortable and what you can do about it.

Are Contact Lenses Uncomfortable?

It is a common misconception that wearing contacts is a tough task and maintaining them is a lot of work. The modern day contact lenses are soft and lightweight, so they barely pack up any weight on your extraocular muscles and are flexible enough to capacitate your eyeballs efficiently. If contacts were too stressful and uncomfortable to wear, 36 million people in the United States would not be using them on a daily basis.

Contacts may take time to get used to as your eyes familiarize with the foreign object that is being placed in front of them. Once you are used to contact lenses, applying them will become a simple process and you will be comfortable with them in no time. However, in order to ensure that contacts perform the way they are supposed to, you must care for them, maintain them and replace them when necessary. If you fail to take the necessary steps to maintain your contacts, you could experience the following symptoms:

  • A stinging, burning or irritating sensation in the eyes.
  • You feel less comfortable than the first time the contact lens was placed on the eye.
  • A bizarre feeling of something in the eye, such as a foreign body or particles.
  • Excessive tearing (watering) of the eyes.
  • Unusual secretions in the eye and constant redness.
  • Reduced sharpness in the vision.
  • Blurry vision and rainbows or halos around objects you see.
  • Excessive dry eyes and increased sensitivity to light.

These symptoms are uncommon and occur only if the contacts are not cared for properly and worn without the right instructions. If you experience any of these symptoms, get in touch with your optometrist so that they can help you understand what you have been doing wrong.

Remedies To Make Contacts Comfortable

Contact Lenses

Although contacts are comfortable to wear most of the time, any unusual discomfort that you may feel can be easily cured. Apart from the remedies that make contacts much more comfortable, there are a few other aspects that you should take into consideration as well.

The Right Fit

The shape of your eyes and its size is unique, so you need the contact lenses that fits them right. The eye care specialist will spend a good amount of time helping you determine the right fit your eyes, but the measurements may later seem a little off. If you feel that the contacts aren’t fitting right, or feel like a foreign object in the eyes, you can consult your eye specialist to perform the contact lens fitting and provide you the right measurement.

Dry Eyes Contacts

You must select lenses that suit your natural eye condition. For instance, if you have naturally dry eyes, you should select contact lenses that is specially designed for dry eyes and can hold moisture for longer periods of time. You can always keep some lubricating solution handy to moisturize your contacts whenever they feel dry.

Proper Maintenance

It is necessary to consider contact lenses as medical equipment and to treat them with the same amount of care. Your eye specialist will help you understand the procedure of putting the lenses and removing them and this should be done hygienically. Sanitizing your hands before touching your lenses is important as you don’t want to contaminate something with bacteria that is eventually going to go into your eyes. With the proper care and maintenance, you will never complain about eye discomfort.

For most people in the world who do not have sensitive eyes or existing eye conditions, wearing contacts is the easiest way to rectify their vision easily. So, are contacts uncomfortable to wear on a daily basis? Not at all, and if you follow the right steps, you won’t even notice them while they are in your eyes improving your vision.

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