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Nine West as a brand dates back to 1978 and is named after the location where it was founded – 9th West 57th Street. It has expanded and is now available in 57 countries. The Jones Apparel Group bought it back in 1999 and since then it has been responsible for all the items created including sunglasses and designer frames.

At one time glasses were purchased purely for their functionality but over the last decade or so that has changed. Glasses are used to define a person and often there will be a number of different glasses owned, and various ones will be worn for various events. Thanks to Nine West it is possible to get the range of glasses that you want.

Nine West Designer Frames

There are many different types of glasses for both men and women, and they can be suitable for fashion as well as being perfectly crafted for those who need to use an optician. Many collections claim to offer something for everyone, but at Nine West it is the case that they can deliver what they promise. It is possible to buy glasses that are modern and trendy, but just as easy to find glasses that have classic chic, and Nine West frames are suitable for many types of face shapes.

It is easy to see why Nine West has become so popular when it comes to designer glasses frames, as they have virtually every color and every style conceivable. Steel frames are popular with many and there is a wide range of this type of glasses available. Colors vary and while some are modern, it is also possible to purchase Nine West glasses that have a more retrospective look to them.

The company also pushes the boundaries and produces glasses that others would not think to produce. Where else would you find tortoiseshell frames with lenses of contrasting colors? There can be frames designed that look as though they could be a montage of half a dozen pairs of glasses. Frames can be one color and the handles a mixture of two or three other designs.

They are popular with people who want to find a style that no one else has, and are not concerned if their glasses are the first things that people notice about them. To go with the latest range of glasses frames, Nine West also produce sunglasses and have become the name to be seen in when it comes to the must have items of the season.