Oakley Designer Frames

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Oakley is a brand known for its successful integration of art and science in its products. This quality is best exemplified by Oakley designer frames. Oakley sunglasses are seen by many as works of art but they are also recognized as engineering marvels. It is quite evident that Oakley has invested a lot to make sure that the design of their frames are very unique and edgy. But what some people are probably not aware of is that each designer frame has gone through extensive research and development to ensure maximum comfort and to enhance the performance of the people wearing them.

Glasses for More than Just Sports

We all know that Oakley is primarily a sports brand. But what sets it apart from other sports brand is it pays special attention to appearance. This is why Oakley products are not only functional they are fashionable as well. One of the reasons why Oakley is one of the most popular sports brand in the world is because many celebrity athletes endorse it. For sure, Oakley designer frames can help you perform better in the sport of your choice but they can also enhance your style. This is the reason why Oakley sunglasses are popular even to individuals who are not active in sports but want to look good while keeping their eyes protected at the same time.

Oakley Eye Glasses

Diversity in Design

Oakley makes designer frames for both men and women and for all age groups and face shapes. The frames are also available in different styles and colors. There are classic looking frames for the older and more conservative sets then there are the innovative and exciting frames for those who are not afraid to make heads turn. There are models designed for very sporty individuals and then there are those that are perfect for casual users who are simply looking for sunglasses that they can use every day. But no matter what your preference is, if you get an Oakley frame, you can be sure that you are getting a high quality product that will last for years.

Materials and Construction

Oakley designer frames are created with the latest technology in the field of consumer optics. Its Radar model for example uses a unique Hydrophobic lens coating that helps the lens to remain clear by preventing water build up and by repelling oil and dirt. The Half Jacket, on the other hand, uses the patented Unobtainium material in its stems to increase the grip of the sunglasses.