Ray-Ban Designer Frames

Ray-Ban is undoubtedly one of the most globally recognized brands of glasses, and they are especially known for their aviators and specialty sunglasses. Some people believe that aviators are simply a style, but there is real functionality behind the design.

Ray-Ban Designer Frames

Back in 1930’s U.S. Air Force pilots were experiencing nausea, headache, and overall discomfort during flights. These conditions were caused by the intense glare of the sun and were compromising the mid-flight safety of the pilots. Desperate to solve the problem the Air Force turned to Bosch & Lomb and asked them to manufacture anti-glare aviation glasses. After a few prototype models were developed, the brand Ray-Ban was officially launched in 1937. Almost eight decades later, the brand has become an integral part of fashion and culture loved by both celebrities and non-celebs. The brand today is not only recognized for their sunglasses. Walk into any major optical store and you can find a wide range of Ray-Ban designer optical frames, lenses, and of course sunglasses.

Keeping in mind its aviation heritage, the company has recently launched a series of high-performance carbon fiber frames manufactured from the same material that’s used in the aviation industry. That’s just one among the countless other innovations and technologies Ray-Ban has introduced in the recent past.

Why is Ray-Ban the most loved eyewear brand?

There are no easy answers to that question. Over the years, Ray-Ban has successfully attracted the attention of different generations. Ray-Ban products have been worn by aviation veterans, Hollywood icons, regular college going crowd, office executives, and people from all walks of life. Loyal customers of the brand all have different reasons for picking up a Ray-Ban eyewear. Some of the most popular reasons are listed below.

Rich Aviation Heritage

People don’t like to be associated with companies that attempt to fake a brand image. Thanks to their aviation history and link with US Air Force, brand Ray-Ban is as genuine as it gets. This is why people wearing Ray-Ban eyewear often feel connected to the aviation veterans who wore them back in the day.

Uncompromised Quality: Apart from stretching the boundaries of innovation and technology, Ray-Ban has always kept their eyes on quality. It’s industry leading manufacturing standard has impressed generation after generation and the brand name has become synonymous with quality.

Cool Community: Customers who wear Ray-Ban feel like they are part of a global community. It’s also a great conversation starter between two complete strangers, linked only by their passion for the brand. Buying a Ray-Ban is like becoming a member of a cool club that includes celebrities, fashion icons, bikers, Air Force pilots, and everyday individual from all around the globe.