Essilor Visioffice

Ensure the Best Fit with the Essilor Visioffice System


The Eye Care Center of Colorado Springs proudly offers patients the new Essilor Visioffice System. Visioffice is the newest and most precise instrument for proper fitting of prescription eyewear. It provides individualized fitting measurements that are unique to each patient that allow for better optical performance of your new glasses.

Visioffice is used for any patient and any lens type, progressive or single vision lenses. As spectacle optics have become more advanced, the fitting and measurements necessary to get the best performance from these new lens has become more important.

Visioffice ensures that your new prescription glasses have optics that are perfectly aligned to your individual needs with this state of the art fitting system. Eye Care Center is the first eye care practice to bring the Visioffice instrument to Colorado Springs.

The Essilor Visioffice optical measuring system provides doctors and other eye care professionals with all possible parameters needed for properly fitting spectacle lenses uniquely to each and every patient. These parameters are established prior to the lenses being made and allow for the production of progressive lens eyeglasses.

Progressive Lens Eyeglasses

Progressive spectacle lenses are corrective lenses used to correct presbyopia and other vision disorders. Progressive lenses utilize a gradient of increasing lens power starting at the top of the lens and reaching a maximum power at the bottom of the lens. Wearers adjust the additional lens power required by tilting their head to sight through the appropriate part of the lens. A change in vision usually only requires small adjustments in head positioning.

Progressive lenses have the advantage of eliminating the discontinuities in the visual field created by the majority of bifocal and trifocal lenses currently available. Progressive lenses are also considered to be more cosmetically attractive. Bifocal and related designs with segmented surfaces can be associated with ‘old age’; the new single vision lenses are free of segments or lines on the surface and thought to appear more ‘youthful’ and associated with younger eyeglass wearers.

Varilux Progressive Lenses

Utilizing these latest technologies, Essilor has developed the revolutionary Varilux Lenses. Varilux Progressive lenses are not only well known for their comfort and precision, but also for their personalization. Each pair of Varilux Physio lenses is custom made on an individual basis and resilient to scratches, glaring, and smudging. Thanks to these qualities, Varilux eyeglasses don’t need to be replaced or repaired as often as other types of glasses. Through these new technologies, wearing glasses no longer needs to be burdensome or uncomfortable. The Essilior Visioffice System and Varilux Lenses offer the most precise vision, individualized vision, and unparalleled comfort.

Essilor Visioffice in Colorado Springs

The Essilor Visioffice System is not available at all eye care clinics. At The Eye Care Center of Colorado Springs, we are privileged to be the first eye care provider in Colorado Springs to offer this to our patients. To see what our state of the art system and precision lenses can do for you, please call us today at (719) 576-5844.