Products for Eye Health

When it comes to the health of your vision, there’s actually more to it than meets the eye. Just as going to the doctor for your regular eye exam isn’t the only way to keep your eyes healthy and working at full capacity. Similar to taking vitamins and supplements to keep your overall body at optimum functionality, you can and should also understand what supplemental products and accompanying oral additions can do for your eye health with a plethora of eye health products and accessories.

Oral Supplements For Eye Health

Macuhealth Vitamin Supplement for Eyes

One of the easiest things you can do is take vitamins to maintain your eye health. Take, for example, MacuHealth, which is a vitamin supplement to help those with macular degeneration rebuild the eyes macular pigmentation, which degrades due to the condition. This supplement is fundamental in maximizing treatment for this disease that affects more than 11 million Americans and can lead to complete vision loss over time.

Tears Again HYDRATE is an oral supplement that has been found to treat those with Dry Eye Syndrome. This addition to your daily vitamin intake is more along the all-natural side with ingredients like flaxseed oil and Evening Primrose to naturally increase tear production.

In addition to MacuHealth, the line of Physician Recommended Nutriceuticals (PRN) supplements help with dry eye, eye omegas and the general support of healthy eye functionality. Providing essential antioxidants, vitamins and carotenoids for the eye’s health, the line of PNR supplements is ideal to keep the integrity of your eye health for years to come. Speak with your optometrist today to learn more about which PNR might be best suited for you.

Cleansers For Sensitive or Dry, Red Eyes

Ocusoft Eye Drops

OCuSOFT Lid Wash is an amazing product that helps remove dirt and debris from the eyelids and surrounding area. The product comes in either a tube with foaming eyewash or pre-moistened pads to easily remove excessive oils and other potentially hazardous contaminants. Intended for individuals who suffer from moderate to severe conditions of the eyelid.

For those that often wear makeup or have heavy lash debris leading to red, itchy and dry eyes then Avenova may help. This hygiene product designed to specifically cleanse eyelids and the lash area is prescription based, but varies from other products on the market because it is non-toxic to cells and ‘non-detergent based.’ Learn more by asking your optometrist today about this addition to your daily routine.

There’s nothing worse than dry, irritated eyes. Sufferers know that any number of both environmental factors as well as medications can cause this condition. Retaine is a great, non-prescription-based solution that takes only five minutes each day and helps to naturally aid in the lubrication of the eyes.

Not washing your face each day can take a heavy toll on the health of your eyes leading to a number of conditions like meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), dry eye, blepharitis, rosacea and many other eyelid conditions. Cliradex is a great inclusion in your daily routine with its individually wrapped towelettes to help cleanse the face, lid and lash areas for optimal health.

Supplemental Eye Accessories

For sufferers of chronic dry eye, look no further than Tranquileyes, which are therapy goggles intended to soothe dry eyes and restore the health of your eyes naturally. You can also get the tea tree cleanser to help keep your Tranquileyes kit clean and safe for continued reuse.

Another alternative to Tranquileyes is Medibeads. This eye compress can be securely fastened to your head and microwaving the compress activates the moisture release from inside helping to ease dry, red and itchy eyes while also providing an individual with soothing moist heat providing comfort and relief to this irritating eye condition.

Don’t forget, it’s best to work with your optometrist to determine which eye health accessory is best for you to ensure optimal health for your eyes.