Glasses and Frames in Colorado Springs

Whether it’s time for a new prescription or this is your first experience with corrective lenses you want someone experienced, well trained and knowledgeable to help you choose and fit your new glasses or glasses frames. At the Eye Care Center of Colorado Springs we have the trained personnel and state of the art equipment to ensure you get the perfect glasses and the perfect fit. Whether you need prescription lenses for vision problems such as cataracts or simply want a stylish pair of reading glasses, we’re here to put you at ease and answer all your questions about glasses and how they can enhance your life.

Eye Glasses & Glasses Frames in Colorado Springs, CO

Express Yourself with Glasses

You’re a unique individual, and at Eye Care Center we think your prescription eyeglasses should reflect your personal style. Glasses are a great way to show the different sides of your personality. Are you sporty, techy, chic, or preppy? Do you spend a lot of times out of doors? What conditions do you work in, wet, dry, dusty, sunny? These are all things that can affect your choice of frames and lenses. Even your facial shape can affect your choice of glasses frames, and we’re equipped to handle every possible situation. We carry a mix of the name brand and designer frames you crave, in a myriad of colors and unique styles. There’s a frame to suit all your personalities and your lifestyle needs as well. Your glasses are an accessory that you will wear every day, so you should love them. We carry frames designed specifically for men, women and children from some of the industry’s most innovative frame manufacturers.

Silhouette, NikeVision, Nine West, Coach, Ray Ban, Lafont Paris, OGA, Bebe, Lightec, and Maui Jim are just a few of the designer glasses frames that we feature.

Eyeglasses Should Enhance Your Lifestyle

Whether you’re a business executive who rides horses on the weekend, a mom on the go, or a student who spends hours on a computer there are ways of handling your prescription lenses that will enhance the quality of your life. Many people are amazed at the improvement in their lives once they have the proper eyewear. Specialty eyewear includes computer glasses, driving glasses and protective eyewear.

According to a survey by The Vision Council, the most common reasons for purchasing specialty eyewear include:

  • For a specific need such as computer use, work, hobbies, sports or driving.
  • For better vision in general.
  • For the safety features and an increased enjoyment of sports while protecting eyes from harm.
  • For cosmetic reasons or because the wearer wants a different look.

Computer Use and Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses, sometimes referred to as “no-line bifocals,” will help give you a more youthful appearance by eliminating the visible lines found in bifocal (and trifocal) lenses. But beyond being just a multifocal lens with no visible lines, progressive lenses offer other advantages as well: primarily, the ability to see at all distances, including at arm’s length for computer use and up close for reading.

The more time spent in front of a computer, the greater the risk of developing eye strain and other symptoms of computer vision syndrome. During computer use, your eyes must remain focused at a very specific range for extended periods of time and the glare from viewing a computer screen tires your eyes more quickly than just reading a book or newspaper. Glasses for computer use are designed and ground specifically for intermediate and close-up distances, the zones most associated with this issue. Bifocal lenses have only two powers: one for seeing across the room and the other for seeing up close. Objects in the middle of that range, like a computer screen or items on a store shelf, often remain in the fuzzy zone with bifocals alone.

In an effort to see objects at this intermediate range clearly, bifocal wearers end up moving their heads up and down, alternately looking through the top and then the bottom of their bifocals, in a constant effort to determine which part of the lens lets them see clearly. Bifocals also put you at greater risk for computer vision syndrome (CVS) when using a computer for long periods. Bifocal wearers must sit closer to the screen and tilt their heads back to see through the bottom part of their lenses. This unnatural posture can lead to muscle strain, neck pain and other symptoms of CVS.

Progressive lenses more closely mimic natural vision before the onset of presbyopia (aging eye). Instead of providing just two lens powers like bifocals (or three, like trifocals), progressive lenses are true “multifocal” lenses that provide a smooth, seamless progression of many lens powers for clear vision across the room, up close and all distances in between.

Specialty Glasses for Work, Sports and Hobbies

Some people discover that their regular glasses work very well for almost everything they do except for certain tasks associated with their job or hobbies. At Eye Care Center of Colorado Springs we work with you to find the perfect set of glasses you need for those specialty uses. For example, if you wear bifocals, you may find yourself tipping your head back for hours at a time to use the reading zone in the bottom of the lenses. You can avoid neck discomfort by purchasing special work glasses that have the reading segment placed higher up in the lenses. Specially designed bifocals and trifocals for work-related tasks are often referred to as occupational lenses.

If your hobbies demand close-up work such as beading, needlepoint, crafting or anything requiring intense focus at close distances, a separate pair of prescription reading glasses may be helpful. Although you can purchase reading glasses at the drugstore, they lack the high quality of prescription lenses. Most people need a different correction in each eye so your ability to focus can be impaired. Trust your eye care professional to guide you.

If you want to up your game, changing the tint and style of your glasses can improve your visual acuity on the tennis court, golf course or the ski slopes. Eye glasses for sports can enhance your performance by improving visual clarity while protecting your eyes from injury at the same time. Within this category, you’ll find both eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses with impact-resistant polycarbonate or Trivex lenses. Sport eyeglasses, and protective sports eyewear all are great options for athletes.

Prescription Eye Glasses: A Final Word

Most people who wear prescription eyeglasses can benefit from more than one pair of glasses. That being said, you will probably have one pair that’s your primary eyewear especially if this is your first pair. At Eye Care Center of Colorado Springs our mission is to ensure that no matter how many pair of lenses you end up with, each pair will perform as expected. We know how to combine the new technologies available to provide you with the perfect pair of corrective lenses. Being able to see clearly under all conditions, no matter what you’re doing, will enhance the quality of your life beyond imagination.