Frames for Different Face Shapes

You might ask yourself, “What are the best frames for my face shape?” Selecting your glasses frames is not an easy process! For many people, their glasses are something that they will be wearing all day long, every single day. It’s not like picking out a shirt, or shoes, which you can swap in and out as desired. For this reason, we get a ton of questions about what type of frames look best or are popular or in style. Styles come and go, and to an extent picking out the proper frames can be quite personal — they will reflect your individual flavor and personality! Even still, there are a few general guidelines that we can impart when it comes to picking frames for certain facial shapes.

Heart-Shaped Face

Heart Shaped?

Try circular frames.

Circular Glasses Frames

If you have a tear-drop or heart-shaped facial structure, circular glasses frames could compliment the shape of your face perfectly. Take a look at our designer frames for more information.

Square-Shaped Face

Square Shaped?

Try narrow frames.

Narrow Glasses Frames

Narrow frames look great on more square-shaped faces. For narrower styles of frames, take a look at our LaFont frames and Nine West frames.

Oval-Shaped Face

Oval Shaped?

Try heavier frames.

Heavy Glasses Frames

Heavy frames can be just the thing you’re looking for if you’ve got an oval-shaped face. For some great looks in heavy frames, check out our Oakley frames and Bebe frames.

Round-Shaped Face

Round Shaped?

Try contrast bridge frames.

Contrast Bridge Glasses Frames

Contrast bridge frames are perfectly suited for rounder faces. Come take a look at our selection of eyeglasses and glasses frames and we’ll help you find the perfect pair of contrast bridge frames.