Lasik Care

Laser Vision Correction Pre and Post Op Care

The Eye Care Center of Colorado Springs has managed the pre- and post-operative care of thousands of Laser Vision Correction patients.

Our highest priority is your safety and ultimate success when considering this procedure. Dr. Bro and Dr. Whitney believe in giving each patient honest and straightforward advice concerning the decision to have surgery. They will listen to your concerns and answer your questions. During your pre-operative examination, Dr. Bro or Dr. Whitney will thoroughly evaluate your vision and eye health. Eye test procedures designed specifically to determine if you are a good candidate for Laser Vision Correction are used.

We will then help you to schedule your procedure with an area surgeon that we know and trust who shares our passion for excellence. After surgery we complete your follow-up visits and monitor your vision quality and eye health.

Your eyes are precious. We believe you deserve a special level of care in this important decision. Learn how LASIK works and how it can benefit you, here at Eye Care Center of Colorado Springs.

Contact the office to schedule a FREE LASIK consultation or to set up an exam.