Optos Digital Retinal Imaging

optomap retinal scanOptos Digital Retinal Imaging is part of the advanced eye care equipment available at the Eye Care Center of Colorado Springs. The new Optos Daytona provides an ultra-widefield view of the retina, optic nerve, and tissues of the internal eye. This advanced imaging helps us to discover evidence of any eye disease and guide our treatment decisions.  This creates a permanent record of your retina, called an Optomap. This is used for future comparison and can aid in detection of important eye diseases that often begin without noticeable symptoms. Traditional examination techniques and equipment can leave these diagnosis’s undetected.

Eye Care Center of Colorado Springs now offers widefield fundus auto-fluorescence (FAF) imaging with every optomap screening.  Fundus auto-fluorescence or FAF provides important information about the deepest layers of the retina, the RPE which controls the elimination of waste products in the retina and the photoreceptor layer which converts light into usable vision.  Fundus auto-fluorescence allows early diagnosis of retinal problems such as macular degeneration and retinal dystrophies.  Early diagnosis allows intervention and the best possible treatment of sight-threatening conditions.

Daytona_sideview_bluetrim_skuIt is our commitment to use the most advanced equipment which sets our eye care services in Colorado Springs apart from other providers.  Optomap is an essential part of a thorough eye examination for patients of any age. We will offer you the opportunity to have (and see!) your own Optomap at your next visit. You can find out more about Optos retinal imaging at optos.com or contact us Colorado Springs Eye Care Physician to learn more.