Progressive Lenses

The Latest in Progressive Lens Technologies

Introducing the Varilux S 4D™ progressive lenses. A revolution in progressive lenses. The S 4D addresses issues that have been common to progressive lenses for years. Swim, bending of images, and restricted reading areas are radically improved with this innovative technology.

The Varilux S 4D™ utilizes three new fitting and manufacturing technologies:

  • 4d technology
    4D Technology™ utilizes personalized lens fitting information that is unique to your eyes alone. This fitting can only be achieved with the use of the Visioffice® System. We were the first to bring this system to our community and continue to lead the way.
  • nanoptix
    Nanoptix™ changes the fundamental structure of a progressive lens. The lens is made up of many optical elements which allow light to pass through without the unwanted swim effect of traditional progressive lenses.
  • synchroneyes
    SynchronEyes™ uses the Rx from both eyes to create a design built around both eyes working together as a system. This first time ever technology results in more expansive vision across the lens from edge to edge!

Progressive lenses are not all the same. Once you experience the greater freedom of vision with one of the new Varilux S Series™ you will never want to go back to a traditional old-fashioned progressive lens. The S Series can only be found in eye care practices using the Visioffice System ®. You will not find this level of technology in corporate or big-box retailers.

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We also feature:

Digital Single Vision lenses. Digital lens technology is the HD of ophthalmic lenses.  This technology allows the most natural and clear vision and comfort with a 20% increase in field of vision over traditionally ground lenses.

High Index and Aspheric lenses. Optically superior to conventional lenses especially in higher prescription powers. You’ll experience better vision in a lighter, thinner, more comfortable lens.

Computer Lenses. Reduce your visual fatigue from electronic screens you view every day. These lenses are specifically designed for the visual needs of computer users. With larger intermediate viewing areas this lens is ideal for those hours you spend at your monitor. Dr. Bro and Dr. Whitney will work with you to prescribe the ideal lens for your working conditions.

Crizal ® Non-glare lenses. Live life in the clear! Remove reflections from the lens surfaces that cause eye fatigue. This new generation of non-glare products resist smudges, are easy to clean, and are very scratch-resistant. So durable they’re guaranteed against scratches!

Transitions ® Photochromic lenses. Lenses that lighten and darken with changing light conditions. Today’s photochromic lenses change from light to dark more quickly and are much clearer indoors. Polarized Sunglass lenses. The most effective way to eliminate glare for outdoor wear. Less glare from the road or the water, less squinting, less fatigue!