Eye Care Center Special Offers

Eyeglass Frames

Half Off!

50% off any frame after purchase of your first complete pair of glasses or year supply of contacts.

Get half off any frame in our office after purchase of a complete pair of frames and lenses or year supply of contacts. Savings up to $250. Offer does not apply to non-prescription eyewear or plano sunglasses. May not be combined with any other discounts.

$15 Rebate

In Office!

With purchase of a year supply of contacts. Use manufacturer’s rebates and our instant rebate for greater savings.

Get an additional $15 instant rebate when you purchase a year supply of contacts. Let us show you how this extra savings will help you pay less than with online or big-box retailers. Plus free shipping when you purchase four or more boxes. Not all lenses qualify for rebate, ask for details.